functional programming, permaculture, math

Hello World


Its October 2020, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across the globe, the US is deeply divided along partisan lines, the environment is in collapse, the government is in a seemingly endless consitutional crisis, and I've decided to start blogging! What a time to be alive.

My main goal here is to document my various projects. I suspect this will mostly be a technical blog presenting my work on functional programming, math, and philsophy, but I expect to also include reports on garden, mycology, carpentry, and whatever other projects I get around to finishing.

If you are wondering why you are reading this, allow me to elaborate on who I am. My name is Solomon. I have worn many hats such as art fabricator, free school organizer, community radio station founder/manager, permaculture gardener, and most recently software engineer.

My main interest in software development and computer science is trying to understand the connection between functional programming, math, and philosophical logic. This is a deep topic which I am only starting to scratch the surface on, but I hope to use this platform to dive deeper.